Kraft Mac & Cheese

Swear Like A Mother

The Challenge: Mother's Day is about celebrating moms, but so much of it is so perfect it's untrue.

The Idea: 74% of moms admit to swearing in front of their kids. Let's e honest about it, and have a little fun.


#ParentFail Redemption

The Challenge: Mac & Cheese had changed their recipe, but parents needed a little reminder of the power they have in a little blue box.

The Idea: Turn parent fails into parent wins through the magic of Mac & Cheese. These are totally not autobiographical. Well, maybe a little.

Noodle Reunion

The Challenge: Mac & Cheese is all about family, but, although it's a "conversation," social media still feels impersonal. 

The Idea: Bring Mac & Cheese fans with the same last name together in a virtual family reunion to enjoy the cheesy noodles together.

Can't Play

The team was talking to me about an idea they had for a TV spot. I told them about the pain of being a parent when kids don't seem to get what's special to you. Here's what came out.

Airplane Detour

Parenting experience, coming in handy again. 



How could we make the icon of our brand give people a smile from a simple banner? Just watch. 


The ritual of making Mac & Cheese is an American tradition. We let people do it in a simple banner they could scroll through themselves.