Domino's Wedding Registry

The Challenge: Demonstrate to people something they already know: pizza is welcome at just about every celebration. 

The Idea: Let couples register for what they really want so they can share it with friends and family, or not. 

DXP VR Delivery

The Challenge: Domino's had a new delivery vehicle with lots of custom features. Features nobody really knew about. 

The Idea: Let people take the wheel of the DXP and take a look around in a VR adventure. 

Emoji Ordering Launch

The Challenge: Tease Domino's new ordering platform, where you can order by texting or tweeting a 🍕.

The Idea: Take over Domino's Twitter account, only tweeting pizza emoji the day the new ordering was announced.

Emoji Literacy

The Challenge: Promote Domino's new offerings of tweet and text ordering using just a 🍕 after both services had already been launched. 

The Idea: Promote the utility of emoji with a campaign for a more emoji literate America. Thousands of people learned how to speak emoji with a deck of free emoji literacy flashcards. They also learned the easiest way to order a Domino's pizza.

Domino's Social

The Challenge: Create content for several different platforms, with millions of people watching. Oh, and we saw that the people interacting most with our social content skewed significantly younger than our overall target. 

The Idea: Make compelling content to reach a younger audience. Check out the feeds: